Lettuce Bee
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John & Julian Lennon Title: "Lettuce Bee" 24" x 48" ©1999-2014 Bill Foss all rights reserved 'Original Works' and 'Derivative Works' copyright(s) held with the Library of Congress.

Acrylic with flourescent and pearlescent paint. John & Julian together on the beach of eternity. A walrus swim sby, while a guardian light being watches peacefully over. Symbols adorne this historic painting. An apple, an orange, a dragon fly, even a bee on a head of levitating lettuce. What could it all mean? Light seems to be coming from Julian's 3rd eye, heart and hands. John sports a trendy tye-dye while the sunset on fire with peaceful passionate pastels. This painting is gauranteed to bring in the light.

Be the One to display this symphony of colorfful tones as John & Julian levitate and " Lettuce Bee"Julian